A Hungry Man Who Ate Himself; Cat Wells Harting

I’m Hungry…I’m Hungry

What can I eat?

Some boiled cabbage

Or roasted pigs feet?

I am hungry…oh so hungry

What the heck can a fellow eat?

Some octopus would be a treat!

Hmmm I’m hungry

I have to eat.

A tuna eyeball

Might do the trick..

But a Berger

Sure sounds sweet!



Oh my gosh…I ate myself!

Cat Wells Harting’s links are www.instagram.com/greeniedcat and www.etsy.com/shop/greeniedcat. Her Facebook pages are Cat Wells Harting and Greeniedcat Boutique. She has done a sketchbook for the Brooklyn Library, and she is starting a new one in February of next year. She has had art in the Akron, Ohio art competition, and she has had work in galleries in Sedona, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.