A Word from the Coordinator

We hope you leave Of Rust and Glass’s sixth issue, “Satisfaction,” with your palate for art and literature completely satisfied. We know how satisfying putting this magazine together for you has been. If a fraction of that is conveyed through the ink on these pages, we have a feeling you will be back again and again. But do not worry, there is a bottomless pool of creative brilliance in the Midwest to satisfy even the most voracious connoisseurs.

Satisfaction comes in many different forms:

In the satisfaction of a job well-done, when you finally kick off your boots, brush the dirt off your hands, and take a step back to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

In the satisfaction of making love, whether that be with the person beside you, on an empty canvas, or within a blank notebook.

In the satisfaction of things coming together, like swirls of color or a surprising string of words, like the finish line after a long, hard-fought race.

Or in the satisfaction of an early 2000s EDM song by Benny Benassi, but that is not quite what we are talking about here.

Sometimes, it is simply in the satisfaction of a hot cup of coffee, your favorite tune, and an idyllic view. It is the small joys in life, after all, that make the whole experience worthwhile.

This issue brings together artists, poets, writers, musicians, and more in our first publication since we expanded Of Rust and Glass’s regional scope. We hope you enjoy this small selection of Midwest voices, and we hope you stick around to hear many, many more in the future.

Until then, go forth and create.



Curtis A. Deeter
Coordinator, Of Rust and Glass