A Word from the Editor

Spring is in the air, as they say. In the Midwest, that can have radically different consequences than outsiders may assume.

Take, for instance, the ever-unpredictable (often by the hour) weather changes. As I write this and glance out the nearest window at a gray sky and thick, falling snow, I cannot help but reminisce about sunshine and warmer days…three days ago. When it was seventy-two and everyone had their windows down, music playing through their stereos and smiles on their face. Again, three days ago. Before the snow and cold and sinus infections.

Spring hits differently in the Midwest. Spring peeks its head out just when we need it, but never early enough. Spring is, of course, a time for rebirth, regeneration, and new beginnings. It is also a time when Midwesterners come alive once more, to hang their snow pants in the closet until next year, to bring out the patio furniture, and to perhaps don khaki shorts and their favorite school’s t-shirt, the one with the holes in its seams and stains in its pits, a few weeks to early. But what can we say? That first day the thermometer rises over fifty awakens something slumbering within us that we had forgotten about since Thanksgiving, or earlier some years.

That is what this issue is about. It is about brushing away the gray and re-painting our lives in vivid brushstrokes. It is about replacing one shovel with another, digging in the dirt, and planting the next seeds of out futures.

This is “Spring,” and we are here for it.