Oranges and Apples, art by Jim Zalewski

About the Cover Artist

According to Jim Zalewski, the artist behind this issue’s cover, Oranges and Apples started as an exercise in connecting simple geometric shapes and rendering an analogous color scheme. He chose to use warm colors in the yellow to red portion of the spectrum. Yellow and yellow-orange are the most characteristic in this piece. Overall tone harmony is created by the predominance of those hues. Dissonance is created by using colors at the extremes of the spectrum as accent colors. Out-of-spectrum hues are also used to create depth and lead the eye.

The title comes from the feeling he got the moment he completed the piece. It refers to a common phrase relating to comparison and has been cleverly rearranged.

Jim gave the painting away to a pretty girl. Sabrina was a recent NYU college grad at the time. Covid-19 had shut down New York. She came to Ohio to find work selling security systems. Jim invited her in and showed her his art. He tried to resist but ended up helping her make a much-needed sale.

While she went door to door in the neighborhood, she left her coat and a few other items at his house, using it as a sort of home base. Before she left, Jim gave her the painting. Since then, he has received several messages about how much she enjoys it.

Art is a powerful gift. Even in the most difficult of times, we can take satisfaction in knowing a piece of what we do might improve someone’s life in a most unexpected way.

Check out Jim’s work at his website:

Or see his art in person at the Art on Market Shoppes next to the Libbey Glass Outlet and the Toledo Farmers’ Market.