Art by Randy A Bennett

Labors - Cover
DECATUR EVENING HERALD 30 X 40-inch acrylic painting
GOTTA' GET TO WORK 15 X 30-inch acrylic painting
PAYDAY 30 X 48-inch acrylic painting
SHARECROPPER 36 X 72-inch acrylic painting
DRINK JAX BEER 15 X 30-inch acrylic painting

Randy A Bennett is an artist living and working in the Rudolph, Ohio area. He has been painting for 55 years or so. His current work is based in social realism with a little “POP” influence. He thinks that the advertising and ephemera of a time or place tells a lot about the society, so he usually includes something in the work to reflect that. The goal of his work is to be distinctive, well -executed, and difficult to ignore. In conclusion, he believes that “art requires a witness.”

Labor’s cover art, Decatur Evening Herald, is reflective of both Randy’s artistic style and this issue’s theme. It depicts the plight and resiliency of the American working class in a society of big banks, greedy corporations, and “gotchya” headlines. Through it all, we show grit and determination to take care of our own. We may be born Of Rust and Glass, but we embrace the hard work laid out before us and thrive within whatever circumstances we are handed.

The Piqua Library in Piqua, Ohio purchased Decatur Evening Herald for their permanent collection in 2022. It is one among many of Randy’s paintings that is publicly displayed.

The select works found among the following pages echo that reflection, depicting the multi-faceted realities of blue collar living. These paintings represent decent folk, working to earn a dollar. In the time between shifts, they enjoy life’s simple pleasures as a means to get by so they can get back to work and provide for the people who depend on their dependability.

More of Randy A Bennett’s work can be found on social media and through his website: