Potential Energy; Jonie McIntire

In the car, he sings along to a parody on the radio, giggling, All I want for Christmas is a blow job and jabs her playfully. She squirms and sorts coupons, scowling at the radio.

After dinner they jockey over who will shower first. Of course, we could definitely save on water by showering together, she teases, standing in the doorway semi-seductively. Ha! He chuckles, pulls out a towel from a cabinet in the hallway, shuffling past her to shut the bathroom door. She can hear him whistling to himself in the water.

He thumps into bed, B side of a record playing Sam Cooke. She plays at his waistband as his breathing shallows to steady and he turns, dogs curling in the crook of his knees and lining up against his back. She watches his wet hair for a moment, the flat of his back, and feels the heft of her body, the lump of it, as she turns to face away, to rest more solidly and still on her side of the bed.

Jonie McIntire, author of Beyond the Sidewalk (NightBallet Press, 2017) and Not All Who Are Lost Wander (Finishing Line Press, 2016), will be releasing her third chapbook, Semidomesticated (Red Flag Poetry) in March 2021. She hosts a popular monthly poetry reading series, Uncloistered Poetry and her poems have been published in print journals, online, and even stamped into cement in Toledo, Ohio as part of the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo’s Sidewalk Poetry series.