Photography by Steven Cain

Roots -Cover
"Gray Days" or "The Pond"
"Gray Pond"
"Fountain in Downtown Indianapolis"
"Frost and Fog on a Winter Pond"
"Sunrise on an Indiana Farm Pond"
"Cat Chattering at Birds on a Backyard Swing"
"Cat Being Lazy on a Pond Beach"
"Kathryn Cain Hugging a Beautiful Mum"
"Floating on a Farm Pond"
"Steven Cain Taking Gardening Advice from his Dad (RIP)"
"Covered Bridge in Park County, Indiana"
"World's Largest Chocolate Store in South Bend, Indiana"
"The Devil Went Down to Georgia in an Indiana Backyard Bonfire"

Steven Cain is a husband and father before everything. In 2011, he rode his motorcycle to the Arctic Circle with his son Ryan to raise $5000 for Multiple Sclerosis. He brags that all his children have invited him to their 21st birthday party.

He is a motorcyclist second—he’s taken his motorcycle into 49 states and rented one in Hawaii. With more than 120,000 miles on his motorcycles, he has also ridden in seven provinces in Canada.

His career spanned 41 years as a journalist, news coordinator, and disaster specialist at Purdue University. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the National Weather Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, and many others. For five years, he contributed to World Book’s Science Yearbook. He produced and starred in Direct TV’s Science and Technology Report on Channel Earth.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, he consulted in Estonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia, and Uganda. In Uganda, the CEO of a non-profit said he was the best consultant US Aid sent her in 20 years of service.

As a Purdue Extension disaster specialist, he’s helped communities set up disaster long-term recovery groups to ensure that more than 60,000 people returned to their homes after floods and tornadoes. More recently, he volunteered to help Indiana 211 become the leader in the nation to help abused spouses and people with drug abuse find safe places to seek recovery.

In 2017, he retired from Purdue University. Since then, he has published four novels, Sunset Kings, The Accident in Larson, War at Home, and Bets and Breakfasts. For more information, visit:


In 2020, Cain published Sunday Poems on Medium at:

In 2023, he will publish an anthology of short stories and poems, with his wife, Kathryn Cain, a national award-winning novelist. For more information: