Satisfaction, by Karen McNaughton

Roll over
  Eyes open
I’m awake

It is time
  I begin
Make a list
  Start the day


Down the stairs
  Feed the cats
Make the coffee
  Drink the juice
Eat the toast
  Check email
Pack a lunch


Up the stairs
  Wash and dress
Brush my teeth
  Comb my hair
Find my shoes
  Grab the bag
Find the keys




I pass my room with the rumpled bed
  I hesitate, considering
I don’t want to be late but
  I don’t want
to come home to a mess

I straighten the flowered sheets
  Smooth the homemade quilt
Plump all the pillows

My bed is made
  and I leave the house



Karen McNaughton has been a Toledo Public School  teacher for nearly thirty years. This poem is the first published in a collection of poetry she wrote as the caregiver for her mother-in-law. Karen enjoys bird-watching, history, and crocheting. She grew up in the South end and lives in the Old West End.