Allium in Hand, by Lisa Hossler

Season’s Change, by Debbie Cutler

It’s cold
snowless, sunless, callous
skies grey
like oceans dank
dusk descends
warmer days will trample in
deliver us from
frozen ground
black nights
winter drudge
the pits of hell.
At first, a ramble
of insects’ song
then, multitudes in trees above
worship the Earth
a surge
green forests
fragrant leaves
tossed by warm wind
baptized by rain
zillions of bright flowers
suckle at their roots
in harmonic scent
bring hummingbirds’ wings
so close I can touch
like angels’ breath.


Debbie Cutler, a writer of more than 30 years, has been published in numerous mainstream and literary magazines, including Cirque, Wingless Dreamer, Journal of Expressive Writing, The Dewdrop, Pure Slush, Shanti Arts (Still Point Arts Quarterly), Sweetycat Press, Prime, Columbia Business Times, Editor and Publisher, Independent Living, among others. She has a piece coming out in The MockingOwl Roost in April.
She currently works at the University of Missouri, writing for seven departments in the College of Arts and Science. She was the former managing editor of Alaska Business and former editor of Alaska magazine.