Of Rust and Glass Submissions

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Of Rust and Glass is open year round for general submission and specific blocks of time for the themed releases. We accept all sorts of creative material including but not limited to the following:



We are looking for your best writing. Is there an assignment you are exceptionally proud of? A short musing you have not known what to do with until now but love? Send it our way. I bet we will love it, too.



To supplement the zine’s written pieces, we accept original artwork to feature in each addition and to grace the cover of each issue. Art is subjective and we will never stifle an artist’s creativity, but please be aware all age groups are represented within  our wonderful community.



While audio and video pieces are difficult to incorporate in e-zine format, we feature them on the website and always strive to include a “From the Airwaves” chapter in our semi-annual magazine releases.

2021 "Themes" and Submission Periods

January 2021: Hunger

What is it that you are hungry for? As with all our themes, this is a loose concept more than a concrete requirement.

Out now!!!

July 2021: Satisfaction

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of a job well done. Tell us (or show us) about a time you felt deep satisfaction.

Submission Period: 1/15/2021 through 6/15/2021

Additional Submission Opportunities

We Dream of Rust and Glass

We Dream of Rust and Glass is one of the projects we’re the most excited about. We’re taking an unique spin on art and literature. For this, the first phase, Of Rust and Glass is calling upon you to create a 31 day “Dream Journal.” Record your dreams, your thoughts, your aspirations. Paint a picture of the subconscious world thriving within your mind. Give us a glimpse at the things that make you you: your fears, your hopes, your thoughts, and your desires.

Submissions close 3/1/2021

Speculative Fiction Anthology

We are accepting poetry, short fiction (up to 5,000 words), artwork, and photography. This is a royalty sharing project. Think fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Ask yourself, “What if?” No gratuitous sex scenes or violence for the sake of violence.

Submissions close 6/1/2021

Literary Fiction Anthology

Same general guidelines as the Speculative Fiction Anthology, but this one is for the literary masterpieces. As a rule of thumb, literary explores the human condition. It’s much more introspective. Is sets itself apart from what we might call “genre fiction.” Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment a bit for this one.

Submissions close 9/1/2021



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