Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines



2020 Themes and Submission Periods

January 2020: Renaissance

This first themed issue is wide open. As long as your piece has something to do with revival, it can find a place in the pages of our first quarterly.

Released January 15th

April 2020: Voices

We want to hear your voice. Toledo’s voice. This is still an open interpretation, but let it ring genuine!

Released April 15th

July 2020: Trials

We all go through trials in life. Whether in sports, in our personal struggles, sitting in a jury, or even on the other side. What trial forged you? 

Submission Period: 4/15/2020 through 6/31/2020


October 2020: Triumphs

And, of course, after the trials are over, sometimes we triumph. We should revel in this, because victories don’t happen every day.

Submission Period: 7/15/2020 through 9/31/2020