Of Rust and Glass Submissions

Submit to coordinator@ofrustandglass.com

Of Rust and Glass is open year round for general submission and specific blocks of time for the themed releases. We accept all sorts of creative material including but not limited to the following:

Original Fiction/NonFiction and Poetry

We are looking for your best writing. Is there an assignment you are exceptionally proud of? A short musing you have not known what to do with until now but love? Send it our way. I bet we will love it, too.


To supplement the zines written pieces, we accept original artwork to feature in each addition and to grace the cover of each issue. Art is subjective and we will never stifle an artist’s creativity, but please be aware all age groups are represented within  our wonderful community.


While audio and video pieces are difficult to incorporate in e-zine format, we feature them on the website and social media to share with other area individuals. Please inquire about what we offer. 

Frequently asked questions

I have something I would like to submit, but I don't know where to start.

What is Of Rust and Glass looking for?

We are looking for work created by talented individuals living in the Northwest Ohio region. This is specifically a platform to highlight the vast multitude of gifted people in the area. If you live/lived in Toledo or the surrounding area, we want to see what you are made of; we want to show the world what we are made of.

Are there specific review periods for work submitted?

We are open year around for general submissions and do our best to review pieces in a timely manner once we receive them.

Follow the link below for specifics on when to submit for the quarterly themed additions, as those have smaller submission windows.

Why should I submit my work to this publication?

Not only is Of Rust and Glass focused on providing a lively online platform for Toledo area creatives, it also works closely with accepted contributors to build confidence, find extensive audiences, and show people that they do not have to walk the artistic path alone. From social media exposure, to electronic publication, and even live events, Of Rust and Glass strives to be there with its contributors 100% of the way. 

Is there anything Of Rust and Glass will not accept?

There is no limit to what we consider art, thus we will only limit the content of submitted material when absolutely necessary. Of Rust and Glass is an inclusive community; everyone from every background is welcome. Thus, we do not accept hateful material, anything overtly pornographic, or anything political if it is derogatory in any way to different viewpoints. Other than that, bring it on.

Will there be payment for accepted submissions?

To start, work submitted will not receive payment. Of Rust and Glass is a bare-boned startup with limited resources and no outside funding. As the community grows, and we partner with more and more local organizations, we absolutely want to be able to pay for accepted work. At minimum, we wish to provide a small token payment, but prefer to reach a professional pay schedule with our authors and artists alike. There is nothing quite like cold cash for artist work. We will get there as soon as possible. We promise.

Great! Where can I submit?

Follow the link below to our official submissions page for specific instructions! We look forward to reviewing your work!

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