Sunflower - CD
Sunflower, by Curtis A. Deeter

The Sunflowers, by Joshua Balog

The sunflowers face east as the sun rises
Growing up though pelvises and ribcages
Roots wrapped around femurs, tibias, and fibulas
Leaves supporting collarbones and arms
Spread wide and emptyhanded
Sturdy stalks align with spines
Blossoms bursting between maxillae and mandibles
Emerging from empty eye sockets
Grown from seeds put in the pockets
Of unwelcome soldiers

Their heads turn slowly through the day
Silent symbolic sentries
Wearing the ragged remnants
Of enemy uniforms
Standing in a field of yellow
Under a clear blue sky

The sunflowers face west as the sun sets
They bow their heads reverently
The soldiers should never have come here
But at least they provided nourishment
To make the flowers grow

Unrequited, by Joshua Balog

The dawn is not radiant for your sake
Birds do not sing for you
The flower’s scent is not meant to please you
Honey is not sweet just to make you smile

All things exist for their own purpose
Your appreciation of them is inconsequential
Nothing in this world is in your debt
Simply because you recognize its beauty

The dawn will not love you back
And neither will I