Bee on purple flower covered in pollen, by Dan Lubelski

Two Poems, by Paula Frew


I awoke to see
Clouds kissing
The Earth,
Workers parting
The street to
Punch a clock,
And children
Roaming the town
Because school
Has been delayed.


Black troubles the sky,
And clouds yearn for the Earth.
Fear grips the house.
In the distance,

An Ohio native, Paula Frew wrote her first poem in the fourth grade. It
was entitled Daffodils. At that time, she fell in love with the form. She wrote
through the angst of adolescence and into the beauties and dissonance of
adulthood. She has of late begun to write flash fiction. It speaks to her as
another short form. Her first chapbook, Lyrical Legacy, was published in 2021.